One side to being a freelance designer is getting asked to design wedding and event invitations for friends and family - it's hands down one of my favorite kinds of projects to work on! 
Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign
Clients: Assorted
The following invitations were created for a wedding with a woodsy, lodge theme. The wedding took place in the Finger Lakes in Upstate NY, which has a lot of mountains and beautiful pines. The paper beautifully matched the rest of the wedding's lodge-inspired decor and treats!
For this set of invitations I learned how to emboss by hand. I knew I wanted to do it myself (even if I had no idea where to start), so after a lot of research, a couple of laminators, a lot of tries, and a good deal of patience they came out beautifully! I carried out the gold embossing with the menus and table schedules as well.
Photos above by Ross Studios
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