To bolster a sense of community, the Nazareth College Community and Belonging Division launched a movement in January 2019 with a call to “Be Here. Be You. Belong.” (the design linking the “N” in “BELONGING” to the “N” in the Nazareth College logo)
The campaign included: 
- an introductory video “Creating a Community of Belonging” 
- a faculty/staff launch event and video showing
- a set of 12 student narrative videos 
- branded t-shirts, button pins, and stickers 
- a direct mailed brochure
- light post banners
- a feature story in the college’s Connections magazine
- a webpage with feedback function allowing continued sharing of perspectives on the meaning of belonging. 
“Together, those stories [student narratives] tell us, ‘This is my community. I have something to say.’ And we hear you. We see you,” said division V.P. Diane Ariza. From faculty and board members to students and staff, this compelling message stuck a cord and was naturally embraced as a point of identity and cultural pride. 

At the 2019 commencement ceremony, keynote speaker Marisa Geitner ('92, '95G), president and C.E.O of Heritage Christian Services, chose to center her speech on the campaign’s message. At the Golisano Training Center, a new training and competition space for regional Special Olympics, the message of belonging was reflected in everything from environmental graphics to the speeches delivered at the grand opening celebration. Nearly a year later, students still proudly pin their “Belong…” buttons to their backpacks and wear their t-shirts.

My role:
Campaign slogan (Be here be you belong), design and art direction

Content: Division for Community and Belonging, Center for Spirituality, Marketing and Communications
Website: Nazareth College Marketing Communications
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